How to break down webservices

Hi all,

The project I am working on is to tranfer data from Mainframe to webSphere web services. Here is what we do, we get different EDI documents from Mainframe like ASN/Receipt Confirmation, ShipmentOrder/Receipt Confirmation, currently on the websphere end initially they gave us one WSDL file which has ASN/Receipt Confirmation we created a web Connector and everything is worked as expected. Now they added couple of webService for ShipmentOrder/Receipt confirmation to the same WSDL (Because all the methods created under the same project). Here is our problem now we have to delete the old records and connectors and create the new connector with the new WSDL, means every time they add something we have to remap and change stuffs on our end. I am wondering what is best approach to handle these kind of problems. Because in the future we may have to deal with lot of other documents too. We suggested couple of ways.

  1. Decouple the WSDL files one WSDL file for one pair of document. In this way we can keep the connector inside our specific folders.

  2. Create router kind of webservice and based on the data send it to different methods.

Just wanted to find out what is the general practice on creating web Services for these kind of scenario’s.



I am not sure that I understand your problem. What was modified in the WSDL? Did additional operations got added? or the schema definitions got changed?