How to avoid hard coded values for the Directory Names

Our requirement is to place our XML files in 3 different directories through FTP for DEVL,TEST and PROD instances respectively. At the moment we are hardcoding all the host names and passwords in all the 3 instances. is there any way to avoid these hard coding values?

I really appreciate if anyone can hlep me regarding this


Use a configuration file. There are several threads on the forums describing various approaches for doing so.

Do take Rob’s advice and search wMUsers for previous discussions on properties and configuration variables.

Also, beginning with Integration Server 6.5 SP2 there is a new built-in service pub.utils:getSystemProperty that will retrieve a property from the JVM’s system properties. The service allows a default value to be specified, if the property key does not exist.

So, you can build a simple startup service that reads a properties file for that package, adds the props into the system properties and then your service can call the new built-in service to retrieve the desired property.

Note that there are many more options and that the new meta-data repository coming in IS 7.x should add a few more.


Hi Mark,
can you please point me to some additional details about “meta-data repository” ? It seems very interesting. I’ve searched the forum found nothing.

Thanks in advance,

Thanks Mark and Reamon. Now i can able to achieve the task.

Check out the Fabric 7.0 Product Roadmap available from the Integration World 2006 archives on Advantage. You can also download the product documentation for the “Metadata Library” component of Fabric 7.0 in the Advantage Bookshelf area.