How to avoid Hard-Coded constant values in flow service

Currently, we have lots of constant values hard-coded in flow service. Hence, we would kike to eliminate constant values coded in flow service and implement using property files.

So, I would like some suggestions, for implementation. Any samples greatly apprecaited.


Download the PSUtilities package from this site and look at the ‘config’ folder. It has all the services you need to maintain configuration files. You can modify them if needed for your own directory path.

After you’ve checked it out, you can post any followup questions here.

Make sure one thing that you don’t use PSUtilities package in your production server because that package tends to get updated by webMethods and doesn’t remain same and this could create the problem in your production server but you can always use the services by copying them in your custom folder…

If you have installed EAIManager Package.You can use it to maintain your constant values.

Where can I get the copy of the EAIManager for Use.