how to avoid duplicate entries in WMPROCESSDEFINITION table


The WMPROCESSDEFINITION table has a column DEPLOYMENTVERSION which I think gets incremented each time a process is built resulting in adding a new row to this table.

When we use the pub.monitor.process.instance:getInstanceList built-in service as give the unique process instance ID as an input instead of returning 1 instance as an output, it returns the instances as a document list equivalent to the number of deployment versions present in the WMPROCESSDEFINITION table.

If the WMPROCESSDEFINITION table has 20 rows for a particular process with the deploymentversion ranging from 1 - 20 then the output of this service is 20 instances all with the same values.

Request you to please let me know how to change this behaviour of the WMPROCESSDEFINITION table or how to make the service return one output for one instanceID.


ProcessDefinition table works the way you understand, it keeps track if how many redeployment you done… so alteast u have the audit for the same.
I am kinda confused with the other question you raised… according to you
wm.monitor.instance:getInstanceList services is returning you duplicate records, what do you mean by that… this service will always return all the running/existing (instances detail not archived) for the given ModelID/ModelIDs…



Thanks for your reply.

I have found a solution to my problem.Thought of sharing so that it might be helpful to everyone.

The WMPROCESSDEFINITION table stores a separate deployment version each time the process is built.This cannot be changed.My concern was the getInstanceList service returing multiple instances.
There is a Monitor fix to this issue.Please look at the below URL in advantage for more details.

Thanks for sharing this to all users