How to assign permissions to LDAP users on API Gateway


I need to log into API Gateway using any LDAP user, and I have successfully completed and proved authentication via LDAP by configuring API Gateway to use LDAP. And I also want to associate certain permissions for specific LDAP users, so I created a group on LDAP and associated the LDAP users with this group. On API Gateway, I also created a group with the same name as on LDAP, and associated this group with a team on API Gateway that has been assigned some permissions. But when I log into API Gateway with such an LDAP user, the user does not have any permissions.

I use OpenLDAPforWindows for LDAP provider and the version for the API Gateway is 10.5, how do I go about with the above problem, any suggestions are welcome.

The attachment “openldap_group.png” shows an account “Lef” and a group “ShenZhenGroup” created on LDAP, the group has been associated with the account on LDAP.
The attachment “apigateway_team.png” shows a group “ShenZhenGroup” and team “ShenZhenTeam” created on the API Gateway, the team has been associated with the group.
The attachment “apigateway_openldap_user.png” shows that the LDAP user “Lef” does not have any permissions after logging into the API Gateway.