How to Analyze Thread Dump in WM 8.2

Hi Everyone,

I have to analyze thread dump in WM 8.2 servers.
We are having a TN server for which i have taken a thread dump via IS console by follwoing below steps.

  1. Click on System Threads.
  2. Click on Generate JVM Thread Dump.
  3. Copied the thread dump from IS console to Text File.

I have also downloaded IBM Heap Analyzer to analyze this thread dump but when i am passing the thread dump file, it is getting stuck in between (around 78 %) and doesn’t process ahead.
Also tried to use Kill -3 option to create thread dump but that also is not working.

Is there any other way of analyzing thread dump or suggest me if I am doing something wrong.

Could anyone help me out with this.


Hi Amit,

What issue are you facing now? mind to share?
btw, you may attach the server.log here for easy reference