How to Add API Specific Page in Developer Portal?

Hi Everyone,

I need to add examples in API details page. so i created a new nav item in API details side bar but i have no idea how to show examples page of that specific API in API details page.

i screenshot i attached i created nav item named Example and want to show some details in details section on right side just like other nav items of API.

Any help would be appreciated.

hi @muhammad.usman22 ,

I am not able to get the exact use case.
But you can refer the APIs - API

In case you want to add any document you can add it on API GW documentation\ examples and then publish it to Dev Portal.

Vikash Sharma

Hi @Vikash_Sharma1,

Thank you for your response. I checked the documentation section but there is no option to add examples only we can upload a file, but i want to display a textual data instead of downloadable file.

Although there is an option to add examples in component section but when i publish the API component section is not listed or visible on Developer portal

hi @muhammad.usman22,
In this case you need to add the example at each resource.
Refer below screenshot for your reference.

  1. Added the sample at resource level on API GW

  1. Now publish the API to Dev portal.
  2. You should be able to see it under the resource section.

Hope this helps you.

Vikash Sharma

Hi @Vikash_Sharma1,

Actually what i need to add is not the sample request. what i need is to add Code Samples to illustrate how to consume API in different Programming languages.

something like this. And i need it under every resource of the API and it should be specific to that particular resource. I can create separeate pages in developer portal for every resource sample but issue is i am not able to bind those pages to specific API as the URL is dynamically generated.

something like this

hi @muhammad.usman22,
It can be implemented but the complexity will be on higher side.
The approach should be like create whole API details page from scratch and while designing it you can provide the sample\Code you want to have it at each resource level.
As far as I am aware of you need to create the web component for it.

Vikash Sharma