How to achieve this scenario with Universal Messaging 9.7?


In 8.2 we are doing only JMS publish to the broker. With a single broker server we are catering to multiple IS instances with individual brokers (JMS and JNDI) for each instance. For eg in SIT environment, we have SIT1, SIT2 and SIT3 etc instances, each have their dedicated brokers - JMS and JNDI. Technically same topics and queues are created in all the brokers. The code base will be tested against different set of test cases and scenarios in these different instances in the same environment.

Now to coming to UM, does such a setup possible?


Hi Guna,
UM does not have the same concept as Broker for multiple Brokers per Broker server. In your scenario you should create multiple UM instances (realms). This would be similar to having one Broker server for each environment, each with its own JNDI namespace, port, etc.
You can happily have multiple UM instances in a single installation directory. The easiest way to create new instances is using the command line utility /UniversalMessaging/tools/InstanceManager/ninstancemanager.bat

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the clarification.