How to access windows NT shared folder using wm


We are trying to connect one specific folder, which is shared on Windows NT box. Unfortunately the FTP is not available. Please any one can let us know how to access specified folder in the remote system without FTP.

We are using webMethods 4.6


Map the shared folder to one of the Drive in you local system and restart the webMethods server. So that webMethods server will recognise the newly mapped drive.


Is your Integration Server running on Windows also?


Chandra thanks for your suggestion but here map drive is not acceptable in my case … Admin people wont allow that option.


Yes we have installed the IS on Windows box.

Thanks in advacne,

Can you access the file with a UNC filename specification? i.e.:

I am not familiar with 4.6, but on 6.x the 3 approaches I have used are setting up a file-polling port, the getFile built-in service, and using native Java facilities in a Java service.

Take a look at the documentation for details.

Thanks lot Mark.

I will follow ur suggestions and get back to you if I find any difficulties.


Actually, the UNC format is: \server\share-name

One thing you’ll have to make sure of is if IS runs as a user, make sure that user has the correct permissions to the remote share (also make sure the user is in that DOMAIN with the correct permissions.) If the user that runs webMethods is NOT in that DOMAIN where the share resides - you WILL have an issue. We learned this the hard way

Good luck!


I have my IS on Unix, and want to access a folder which is on a different windows system.

   how do  you set up a shared directory on the windows box and make it available and accessible to webMethods on the UNIX box? 


You could use NFS or Samba.

I’ve found these to be somewhat fragile for production use. For production, I prefer to stick with FTP for moving files between platforms.