How to access the error message in Catch?

In my Enterprise Integrator, Integration Component, I am putting the entire flowchart in a Try path, because I want to handle all the exceptions in a generic way – printing the error message and input record to a logfile.

However, when I put my flowchart in the Try path, error message normally shows in the Trace log do not show anymore. I believe I need to print the error message myself in a Custom Step. But I don’t know how I can access the error message. Is it accessible in form of a environment variable or something?

Here is the code I want to put in my Custom step, where error_message is the EI built-in variable that contains the error_message (I assume).

Systme.out.println(“Error =” + error_message);

Can someone please tell me what I should put in the place or error_message?

The following is the code from ERROR CATCH I used to get the error text.

try {
catch (AdapterException ErrorCatchStepEx) {
declarationStep.stringExceptionMessage = ErrorCatchStepEx.getLocalizedMessage();
declarationStep.$strExceptionMsg = true;

The line:

declarationStep.stringExceptionMessage = ErrorCatchStepEx.getLocalizedMessage();

will catch error text. Then, you can print declarationStep.stringExceptionMessage using access.println().

I hope this will help you.


We use another method (requires some Java hacking) to get access to the Exception:

In the IC Java script:

Define a variable: String myException = “”;

First line after catch: myException = catchEx.toString();

Make a custom code step in the catch step that takes no input and has a String as output. In the code do something like:
out.grabbedException = myException;
return out;

Then you can map the output of the custom step to whatever you want (e.g. a trace step or an error output document).