How to access MWS Group members in IS?


In our project, we have defined certain groups under MWS and each group contains certain users as well.
In-order to send notification while assigning a task to any of these MWS groups, we have to get the user details. How can we retrieve the MWS group members in an IS service ? Is there any public service available for this purpose ?



You need to write a java service to get these details as there is no OOTB services available. Refer class.

More details on the below link:

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Dear Mahesh,

Thanks for your quick response.

But how can we get the package
" " under Integration server java service?.
By default it is not allowing to import anything from this package. Should we manually add any new package/jar file to IS ?


The jar file is located at C:\SoftwareAG103\common\lib\wm-directory.jar which is already in the Server Classpath.

For writing your java service you can import this lib in the designer workspace.