How long does it take to add a new EDI-partner to an existin

Hello everyone,

this is the first time I’m in touch with WM-world:-)
It’s planned to use WebMethods in our company in the near future.

Regarding the EDI-area I have the question how long it takes to add a
new EDI-partner to an existing EDIFACT/ANSI/XML-message.
I’ve heard, that it would take much time (days), but I can’t believe that.

Let’s assume the following scenario :
b) D93A
d) same message-layout/structure for all EDI-partners
e) Interfaces to ERP exists

Maybe this questions sounds a like a “beginner”-question, but in WM, of course
I am a beginner, although I have years of experience with EDI.

So, if someone responses to my question I will be quite happy!

Thank’s in advance!


If I understand correctly, you only want to add an additional partner to use an exisiting framework for your EDI. We have a setup under the same respect. It would take me about two days to have them setup with no new code development. We have this:

Setup up the partner ID in TN.
Setup the Partner with a all needed processing rules.
Setup all relationship data in TPA.
Register partner as necessary in ERP system.

It pretty much ends up being a data entry issue. Now if you have to make custom versions of flow services to accomodate mangling their data, that could and one day up to many weeks of your time. Good day.

Yemi Bedu

Hello Yemi,

thank you very much for your response!
Can I again ask you you something, please?!

You said there is a need of two days and the setup needs to be done at four places.
Can you specify how these four days are splitted for every setup?!

Setup up the partner ID in TN                              xx hours
Setup the Partner with a all needed processing rules.      xx hours
Setup all relationship data in TPA.                        xx hours
Register partner as necessary in ERP system.               xx hours

Again, thank you very much!
I hope I don’t bother you too much;-)

Best regards

I am very frequent to these boards. There is no “need” for two, I just said it would, should, could or may take that long. To run against your break down:

setup partner profile in tn:
1 hour
setup the partner/document processing rule:
1 hour
setup all relationship in TPA:
1 hour
register partner in our ERP:
2 hour

I don’t want it to sound crazy up or down. There are details that can shrink or grow the numbers. In the profile, there may be certificates for security (we only use one, by VAN).
You need to check if there is a new rule to be made or an inclusive rule to use. The rule may need email notification or status change different from others.
The TPA in our case in a tediously large arrangement that takes a while to make sure all the option data is set, though it could have been saved and loaded from another partner.
The ERP would probably the biggest effort and variable in time as you may have to setup the products or services the associate with, their banking info, their conversion rates, etc.

So I said two days from a business stand point to make sure all the hands get to wave their wands of acceptance. You could be a small startup and finish everthing same day. That said it could be a week long effort, if you begin to add changes to things.

Also, note that this is not speaking of testing the setup. Good day.

Yemi Bedu


thank you very much!

Best regards