How invoke a local service from another service


I have a general service that retrieves some differents IDOCs from a SAP system. The problem is that i need to call a special flow (one for each IDOC) to validate the data that i get. The point is that i want to made this general flow as configurable as possible and i want to get the name of the special flow from a config file and with this information made the invokation. The problem is that I don’t know if there is a service that can do it. I know that there is a remote invoke service to do this with a remote IS, but i need to do it on the same IS Server.

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try using WmMarketplace.wm.marketplace.util:invokeService

thats what we use


Is there a wmMarketplace package, where do i get this or is it custom built.

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Look at the webMethods Java API at:

Service.doInvoke(ifc, svc, pipeline);

ifc = interface = full folder name
svc = service name
pipeline = IDATA pipeline

You can make it as simple as just calling that with the inputs or wrapping it to make sure the service actually exists and adding thread capabilities.


Hello again,

I forgot write that i have the 4.6 version of integration server. Where i can get the WmMarketplace package???

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> WmMarketplace package???

I’m not sure what exactly this package does but it could be deprecated – check with WM

We used to run WmMarketplace (Version 1.5, Build 27) on IS 4.0.2 – I believe it installed with either Version 1.0 of the C1 OnRamp or the Ariba OnRamp.

Ver 3 of the OnRamp/ IS 4.6 no longer has this package. Ver 1.5 of the Ariba OnRamp may still have it (not sure). My impression is WmMarketplace’s functionality was moved to other packages.

The 4.6 version of IS doesnt need the WmMarketPlace package. That is deprecated in the latest version. The functionality and more are included in the latest WmMarketConnect package.
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Hi, jnco.

It sounds like you are trying to branch your Flow’s validation based on input. If there is a finite number of cases, you can manage this using BRANCH. If each incoming request requires its own processing and is independent from other requests, BRANCH is not advisable.

If the latter case is true, here are twp other discussions that may help you. They both discuss dynamically invoking services.

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