How generates a X12 FA : 997 ?


I see in EDI documentation that FA is automaticaly generated : What I must do to do it ?
I put the FAGeneration/autoGenerateFA EDITPA at On but it doesn’t generate FA.
How can I see that a FA (997) is generated ?
Must I call a specific service ?
Must I create the 997 document and send it with a delivery method with a processing rule?

What I must do to generate and send a 997 message ?

Best regards,
Isabelle Janin

WmEDI package has built-in service wm.b2b.edi.util:generateFA which will create FA for the given edidata.

I too need the answer for the same question which is creating an Functional Acknowledgement when the EDI is hit … and by using the same service also i am not getting the functional acknowledgement generated …and checking the fuctional acknowledgement is like checking it in the TN Transaction Analysis when the EDI is hit through TN ??? Just kindly help me on this …