How dynamically set the file name of pdf in FOP using Adapter Listener ?

I need can dynamically set the file name of PDF using Adapter Listener

Thank you

Erik San

Hi Erik,

Do you mean the name of the *_fop.xml file?
To set this dynamically from within your Natural program, use the property pdfpageprop in NATPAGE.

Or do you mean the Name of the generated *.pdf at runtime? See attached screenshot.
Currently NJX does not support to dynamically set this name. I agree: It really would make sense. Could you please add an enhancement request in Empower if you think we should add this to the NJX product? Thanks.

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Hi Christine Zimmermann

Yes, I wanted Name of the generated *.pdf at runtime.
It would be great if you had that option

Thank you Christine

Best Regards,
Erik San