How does webMethods MQ Adapter work with websphere Multi instance queue manager

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Need help regarding webMethods MQ Adapter working with websphere Multi instance queue manager.Please help me in answering below questions.

  1. What happens to MQ connections when MQ Client & channels reconnect automatically to the standby queue manager when it becomes active? Will MQ connections re-establish connectivity with new QM? Or will MQ connections get disconnected? Or will MQ connections go into stale condition.
  2. Did any one implement this architecture topology of webMethods MQ Adapter connecting with Multi Instance QM
  3. How does this work in IS clustered environment ?

Thanks for your help.

I see in one of the SAG Roadmap presentation they talk about multi instance queue manager (MQ V7.1) Page No 22.
But there is no detailed information.

Did you review the MQ Adapter documentation on how it can help you in the below scenarios and also I would say take some quick help from SAG tech support also about the road map they given for better assistance.

MQ adapter with IS in-cluser should work same as other JDBC listner/notifications or Messaging or SAP Adapter processing aspects.


I have verified MQ Adapter users guide, it only talks about how MQ adapter works in a cluster. I will reach out to SAG for more guidance.


OK sure it makes more sense for support and usability perspective.

got the feedback from SAG on multi instance queue manager.

The WebSphere MQ Adapter 6.5 does not support multi-instance queue manager at this time.
We plan on supporting this feature with the next Adapter release that would most likely be called 9.0, planned for release by October 2015.
I do not have any other details on this implementation at this time.

Thanks for the update back on this thread :smiley:

HI -

Has this issue ever been resolved. Does Software AG support IBM MQ Multi Instance Queue Managers with their MQ Adapter?

Where can I get the documentation for the latest version of the IBM MQ Adapter?


MQ Adapter is still on v6.5 even now, so it’s better to log a support incident to get the actual status for this.

For documentation, you may download from Empower or from here -->