How does thin-edge handle measurements when it is unable to reach the internet?

Hi, I’m curious how thin-edge handles measurements when it is unable to offload them to cumulocity.

Given that thin edge is being supplied measurements on tedge/measurements but there is no internet connectivity, what happens? Will data be stored in-memory until network connectivity is restored? Does it roll-over to disk?

Reason for asking is we want minimize the risk of data being lost, and we can not afford saving data in-memory in a resource constrained environment.

Extra question: Is thin-edge the only straight forward way to forward data to cumulocity, or are there other ways?

Hi @Simon55
this has been discussed already here
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Cumulocity Device with inconsistent internet access

In short: Yes, buffers the messages using the local mosquitto broker. When persistence is enabled it is written to disk and when at least QoS 1 is sent the messages are forwarded to Cumulocity when the connection is restored.

Extra answer: It is the most straight forward way yes and by far the best maintained open-source project, but of course there are multiple other so called “agents”. Some of them are pretty old or not much maintained but could be a start.

Have a look here:

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