How does the ‘Return Data on Sync Webhook' action work?

Hi Team,

How does the ‘Return Data on Sync Webhook’ action work?


Hi Vidyesh,

The ‘Return Data on Sync Webhook’ action lets you run a workflow by calling a URL (webhook URL) and getting the workflow’s output in the body of the URL. It is configured as given below:

Response (Mandatory): Add the output of any of the previous actions (Rest API application like Postman) that you wish to retrieve through the webhook (Postman). It’s possible to add more than one output from the previous actions in this field. You can also select the outputs from the list given on the left-hand side of the window.

Status code (Optional): Enter the status code value that you want to display along with the output. By default, the value for this field is set to 200. You can also specify a custom message.

Content Type (Optional): Select the content type of the output from the dropdown list. You can also add response headers through the ‘Response Header’ block.
Once your workflow is executed, you will get data from the Rest API application. You can then use that data in your workflow.