How does one update the WSDL of existing service/vservice??

What is the best method (practice?) for updating a wsdl related to an existing service?

Seems the Business has added some elements to the wsdl, so what is the recommended process for updating the service with the new wsdl version? And, of course, the related virtual service…



I think you are referring to WSD-Provider, currently if you are using 8.2 you can just refresh the provider. But as per my observation, it will only work if you have added I/O to existing operations. It will not reflect if you have added new operations to existing WSD(In that cas you need to create new one). But i think ,in wM 9 you will be having an option to refresh WSD.


Hi Raymond,
I believe your question is related to updating WSDLs in CentraSite. This ties into the question what your versioning strategy looks like. In general you can use the “attach WSDL” functionality in CentraSite to update the existing WSDL of a service asset. Though you need to decide whether you have a compatible change (eg only few new operations added) or an incompatible change (eg semantics or signatures of operations changed). In case of an incompatible change you should consider versioning the asset to not impact existing consumers.

Please also check some of the best practices documented here:



You are correct, relates to CentraSite. I did not think to call it out because this forum area is titled ‘CentraSite’.

I have reviewed much of the CentraSite documentation - searching for versioning and I find my issue is related to a clear description of ‘how to execute’ versioning itself…

I have seen the ‘attach WSDL’ functionality, but what is not clear (to me) is will this overwrite the original WSDL (remember this is an existing service)? Do I need to re-create the related virtual service (again, this is an existing virtual service deployment)?

I would expect the WSDL to be over-written. So, this is not an issue for me - the WSDL is changed, I want to update/replace it in my service definition. I want to maintain the existing service definition and move on.

I would also expect to NOT have to re-create the related virtual service - although the WSDL is changing (just some additional elements/methods are added). Again, I want to maintain the existing virtual service definition (is in use) and move on. Notify the users of the vservice that the new functionality is in place and they do not have to make any endpoint configuration changes.

But I cannot find any clear documentation which will provide answers to the above confirming my expectations.

Frankly, I find the CentraSite documentation very lacking.

Note this is 8.2.2. I have found in some of the published documentation there are references to menus/behaviours which I have not been able to find.

I am new to CentraSite and overall SoftwareAG SOA, so I do not know how much of a factor my lack of experience with the product is having on using the documentation. But I would expect product documentation to be written for those with a lack of experience.

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