How do you remove entries from the IS universal-name registry?


I have a need to remove some entries from the IS universal-name registry. I can see in the WmPublic folder and from reading the webMethods Integration Server Built-In Services Reference Guide there are services for finding and listing the entries, but nothing for removing any that are no longer needed.

I have run the pub.universalName:listAll service and can see all the entries.

In looking in the Oracle schema I couldn’t find anything that matches that data and the filesystem doesn’t seem to have an xml or cnf file that have those values in it either.

If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be most appriciated!

Thanks for your help!


You can go to the flow services for which this universal name is defined (webservices) and remove from the properties. Then automatically these will be removed from memory.
Dont messup with the files or database entries.