How do you reload the WmSAP package?

How do you reload the WmSAP package?

I was trying to run the and it gives me the following error message.

Service ‘’ is not operational. To run this service, first recompile the Java source.

I looked in the webMethods admin console and it lists the WmSAP package as partially loaded. How do I reload this package? Is it part of the installation routine? One of our servers has it and the other doesn’t. I would like to get it on both servers. Is there a way to run just that portion of the install?


When you go into the package…what services do you see that are not loaded correctly??

Could you tell us more about the adapter,IS and OS?

Im assuming its a 6.X adapter…since you called it WmSAP…You can install it from the webMethods Installer.
Earlier versions like 4.6 can be downloaded from advantage website.
I ma thinking your package got corrupted. Try disabling removing and reinstalling the package.

Please let us know how it works out.