How do you map an Oracle Cursor in Developer 461 SP1

Description: We have a stored procedure in Oracle 8.1.7 that returns a list of addresses as a cursor.
In Developer 4.6.1 SP1:

  1. Should we use pub.db:call or pub.db:execSQL to get the oracle cursor? How does that work?
  2. When we have the oracle cursor in the pipeline, how do we map that to a string array ?
  3. How can we take the result set from the cursor and print it?

We searched and all the documentation we have about IS and Developer but couldn’t figure this one out.

I got it. We built a new stored procedure as a wrapper around the one with a cursor like this:
PROCEDURE sp_run_sp_with_cursor
define variables here (int);


FETCH cursor_variable INTO other_variables;

WHILE cursor_variable%FOUND

     DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('variable name: ' || variable); 

     FETCH cursor_variable INTO other_variables; 


END sp_run_sp_with_cursor;

Then we made it return a comma delimited list of the values we need.