How do we clear the messages stuck in IS trigger queue without restarting IS

Good day,

Anyone who knows how to clear the the messages stuck in IS trigger queue without restarting the IS.

I went to Integration Server UI > Settings > Messaging > Broker Configuration > Broker/Local Trigger Management.
I can only suspend and resume Document retrieval and Document processing and change the number of threads in each, but there is no tool to delete or clear the messages from here. I have messages in these queues which are stuck and no longer processing.
I could not just restart the server everytime there is something stuck.

Thanks for any advise.

You can clear the queue from Mws

webMethods version??

You can clear queue on MWS go to Administration> Messaging > Broker Server > clients

Little addition to above information:

Administration --> Messaging --> Clients --> --> Statistics --> Length [Clear Queue]



Adding on to Rankesh’s reply you need to lock the queue before clearing it’s contents.

I disagree.

You only need to lock the queue if you want to add or remove single doccuments using the queue browser.

But completly clearing as described in this thread it is not necessary to lock the queue (this worked at least up to 8.2).

I did not yet check this on 9.x.


Thanks Holger for correcting me .
In 9.x the behaviour is same as 8.2