How do u Invoke Webmethods inbuilt services

I actually want the status of a Package (checking whether it is enabled and fully loaded) to be known other than looking at the webMethods Admin Page . I need a java service or webmethopds Utility for the same .Is that possible ? The services invoked from Dsp’s Constituting webMethods Admin Console like wm.server.packages:packageList (webMethods inbuilt services ) ,Is there a way to view or invoke the above type of services .



  1. Write a flow service
  2. Call any service say “pub.flow.clearPipeline”
  3. Click the service and goto properties
  4. See the property call “Service”
  5. Change it from “pub.flow.clearPipeline” to "wm.server.packages:packageList "
  6. You are done, save and refresh

Thanks Bibek… it worked