How do I use the failure object returned by pub.flow:getLastFailureCaught?

I am a licensed customer running webMethods Integration Server 10.5

I’m writing my first flow using the TRY and CATCH instead of the old SEQUENCE-based error handler.

In my CATCH block, I call pub.flow:getLastFailureCaught. The service output signature has an object variable named “failure”. In Designer, when I debug step over pub.flow:getLastFailureCaught, or when I run the service with a forced error so the CATCH block and pub.flow:getLastFailureCaught are executed, I see “failure” as a document variable in the Results. However, when I try mapping failure to a document so I can pull some of its contents for error reporting, it doesn’t map and all I get are $nulls.

How can I access the content of the failure variable in my CATCH block?

For example - in my CATCH block I mapped object failure to document failureDoc:

My Results of running this service show a document called failure, but no failureDoc:

Hi ,
The output failure of the pub.flow:getLastFailureCaught is an object, please refer Built in services guide page 364

failure - Object The last failure caught by a CATCH step. The failure parameter
is null if no failure have been caught.

In your example , an object type failure is being mapped to a document failureDoc , hence the empty values.
I tried a simple TRY CATCH and these were the results.

Can you let me know what is the additional information you are looking for in the CATCH block?


This final step in my flow:

Shows these results in Designer:

I want to get all those fields inside the “failure” object that shows up as a document in Designer results. How do I access the failure object’s contents? Is this just a pointless output that nothing can be done with?

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