How do I sort and list of XML records with the Java API

I am trying sort a list of xml records. The documentation that I have seen gives information on configuring a jsp for sorting, not a java class. Any help is very appreciated.

Thank you,


Hello Andy.

Performance will “probably” be better if you use Tamino to sort XML documents. Of course, this depends on the number of documents, their complexity and their sizes.
For all but the most trivial case, sorting with Tamino will be faster.

Imagine this case: 100,000 documents to be sorted in Java. All 100,000 have to be loaded into the JVM, then sorted.
If you add a sort clause to the Tamino query, Tamino sorts the documents the way that you need and returns them in batches (using cursoring).

Have a close look at the indexing strategy for the elements/attributes that you will sort on.

I hope that helps,

Your right, I will do just that.