How do I delete the right popup menu button in version 1015.0.393

I want to delete the popup menu on the right in the header section of the Cockpit application.

I can do this in version 1016.0.307, but not in version 1015.0.393.

in the file path:


in this code block

(function () { (typeof ngDevMode === "undefined" || ngDevMode) && ɵngcc0.ɵsetClassMetadata(HeaderBarComponent, [{
        type: Component,
        args: [{
                selector: 'c8y-header-bar',
                template: "<div\n  class=\"app-main-header\"\n  [ngClass]=\"{\n    open: (headerService.navigatorOpen$ | async) && !simple,\n    drawerOpen: drawerOpen\n  }\"\n>\n  <div class=\"header-bar\">\n    <button\n      *ngIf=\"(canToggle$ | async) && !simple\"\n      type=\"button\"\n      class=\"navigator-toggle main-header-button\"\n      title=\"{{ 'Toggle navigator' | translate }}\"\n      (click)=\"headerService.toggleNavigator()\"\n    >\n      <i [c8yIcon]=\"'outdent'\" *ngIf=\"!(headerService.navigatorOpen$ | async)\"></i>\n      <i [c8yIcon]=\"'dedent-right'\" *ngIf=\"headerService.navigatorOpen$ | async\"></i>\n    </button>\n    <div class=\"app-view\">\n      <c8y-app-icon\n        [name]=\"(appState$ | async)\"\n        [contextPath]=\"(appState$ | async).app.contextPath\"\n      ></c8y-app-icon>\n\n      <span class=\"page-header\">\n        <c8y-title-outlet></c8y-title-outlet>\n        <c8y-breadcrumb-outlet\n          *ngIf=\"!simple\"\n          [breadcrumbs]=\"breadcrumbService.items$ | async\"\n          class=\"app-breadcrumbs\"\n        ></c8y-breadcrumb-outlet>\n      </span>\n    </div>\n    <c8y-search-outlet\n      *ngIf=\"!simple\"\n      title=\"{{ 'Search' | translate }}\"\n      [search]=\"searchService.items$ | async\"\n      class=\"main-header-item\"\n    ></c8y-search-outlet>\n    <c8y-action-outlet\n      *ngIf=\"!simple\"\n      title=\"{{ 'Add' | translate }}\"\n      [items]=\"actionService.items$ | async\"\n    ></c8y-action-outlet>\n    <c8y-app-switcher\n      title=\"{{ 'Application switcher' | translate }}\"\n      class=\"main-header-item\"\n    ></c8y-app-switcher>\n    <c8y-user-menu-outlet\n      [items]=\"(userMenuService.state$ | async).userMenuItems\"\n      class=\"main-header-item\"\n    ></c8y-user-menu-outlet>\n\n    <button\n      title=\"{{ 'Toggle side drawer' | translate }}\"\n      class=\"drawer-toggle main-header-button\"\n      *ngIf=\"(appState$ | async).showRightDrawer && !simple\"\n      (click)=\"drawerOpen = !drawerOpen\"\n    >\n      <i [c8yIcon]=\"'indent'\" *ngIf=\"drawerOpen\"></i>\n      <i [c8yIcon]=\"'dedent'\" *ngIf=\"!drawerOpen\"></i>\n    </button>\n  </div>\n  <div class=\"head-toggler\">\n    <button title=\"{{ 'Toggle' | translate }}\" type=\"button\" (click)=\"headerService.toggle()\">\n      <i [c8yIcon]=\"'angle-right'\"></i>\n    </button>\n  </div>\n  <c8y-right-drawer\n    *ngIf=\"(appState$ | async).showRightDrawer\"\n    [app]=\"(appState$ | async).app\"\n    [quickLinks]=\"docs.items$ | async\"\n    [helpAndSupport]=\"docs.items$ | async\"\n  >\n  </c8y-right-drawer>\n  <div class=\"loading-bar\" [ngClass]=\"{ active: (appState$ | async).isLoading }\"></div>\n</div>\n"
    }], function () { return [{ type: HeaderService }, { type: ActionService }, { type: BreadcrumbService }, { type: SearchService }, { type: AppStateService }, { type: UserMenuService }, { type: DocsService }]; }, { simple: [{
            type: Input
        }] }); })();

I am deleting the button element in the template: but in the UI is not deleted

How do I delete the right popup menu button in version 1015.0.393.


Can’t you use the rightDrawer property?


I set it to

 "rightDrawer": false,

Thank you for your help :+1:

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