How do I change IS in Designer, so that corresponding to IS the processes are shown?

hi all,

I have the processes built and deployed to production. In settings I have added production IS and have access to my packages on production. However, I am unable to open the process on production to change and build. Please help


Hi Asset,

Designer can only bind to one ProcessEngine/ProcessAudit-Database at the same time.

You would have to change the IS server setting in Designer preferences to point to PRD-DB in this case as the logical Server should remain identical between layers.

For transporting process from one IS/PE to another I would suggest using Deployer and deploy the processes from there.
For checking the instance you should use Monitor which has an UI part being hosted on MWS which in turn retrieves the data from the database by using package WmMonitor.

See Deployer Users Guide as well as Monitor Users Guide for details.
See also BPM Developers Help for further informations.