How difficult is to go back to code in Natural/Adabas

Hi, I used to code back in the early 2000s right after I came out for college and my first programming job was coding with Natural/Adabas in mainframe. So since 1998 - 2001 I used to code in Natural Adabas so then I stopped and started to do something else different from programming for personal reasons. My question is how possible guys you think is to get back into coding with Natural/Adabas again. I have not done it in a while but I think if I get a job that give me a chance I can get the hang of it again. What do you think it needs to be done? In order to land a job in Natural/Adabas again. Sorry if I bother anyone with this question.

Hi Pedro,

welcome back to the wonderful world of Software AG products :slight_smile:

Just hit the Try free button on the header of the forum page, scroll down a bit and you’ll be able to Download Community Editions of Adabas and Natural.

It’s not the green-screen you were used to, of course, but once you’ve made yourself familiar with the environment I’m sure you’ll be able to get back into the NATURAL language et al easily.

You can also check out the Knowledge Base section under “Natural” - look for the blog “Introducing Free Training Essentials for Adabas & Natural” (Introducing Free Training Essentials for Adabas & Natural) to help you get refreshed.

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