How can we get the alert when Integration server free memory 1% or 2% left

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I am trying out to find any way in webMethods so that we can alert mail if server memory 1% or 2% left.
is there any option in webMethods or I need to do manual monitoring.

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@webM vir,

Settings->Resources --> Edit Resource Settings --> Server Thread Pool.



Hello Rankesh,
following setting
Settings->Resources --> Edit Resource Settings --> Server Thread Pool.

will alert the memory also ?

Sorry webM Vir,

I misunderstood the question. No, there is no settings for it. You need to write a wrapper service using, wm.server.query:getServiceStats. Implement appropriate logic as per your requirement and schedule it.



Yes that is the way to go—> :smiley:

Thanks Rankesh


As Rankesh suggest you can have your flow logic something like in the attachment which alerts IS if used memory is 95% (i.e, free memory is 5%)

FYI - The core service used here is in WmRoot pkg and you should be able to view the same on the wM developer when you build your logic.

%freeMemPer%=1 || %freeMemPer%=2 (depends on what you want)

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Thanks Mahesh for help.