How can we get fileName using filePooloing

Dear all.,
here is my Query: im using fileppoling. for this in IS i given filePath and reamning all settings and it is working fine.
in Developer ive a service which calls by that filePooling. in this Service i want the each fileName read by that fileppoing.
whenver filePooling is called then it comes to this Service and does accordingly. its working fine but now i want do few changes for that i need the each fileName(one after other).
hope you can help me on this.
M Kartheek


Use the pub.flow:getTransportInfo WmPublic service to achieve this.
Inside this service you will record structure(transport/filePolling/filename) extract this in your flow.


Dear RMG.,
thank you for your immediate reply. RMG i tried this. but im not getting what exactly i want. when i see the result protocol is -http and subprotocol is HTTP and http information and requestHdrs and ipInfo.
but im not getting email, ftp and filepooling information but the filename resides in filePooling.
i run this Service using filePooling and Manually. in both ways it is giving same results.
can you tell me what could be the problem of this

Actually you have ti extract the filename from this (transport/filePolling/originalFilename),instead of (transport/filePolling/filename),i mistakenly mentioned in the above post.

If you are seeing the HTTP information from that service then filepolling is not working as expected.

Can you tell us about how you done the filepolling configuration,and the processing service inputs,file type,content-type information?


Dear RMG.,
i couldnt able to load Document because its size is morethan 70kb. so im writing here …
Package: Security:
Package Name WmRoot Run services as user Administrator
Monitoring Directory /data08/filestore/tldlog/qb/in
Working Directory (optional) unspecified
Completion Directory (optional) unspecified
Error Directory (optional) unspecified
File Name Filter (optional) unspecified
File Age (optional) (seconds) unspecified
Content Type (optional) text/xml
Allow Recursive Polling No

Message Processing
Processing Service Services:processQbTldLogReq
Cleanup Service (optional) unspecified
File Polling Interval (seconds) 10
Cleanup File Age (optional) (days) 7
Cleanup Interval (optional) (hours) 24
Maximum Number of Invocation Threads 2
These are the Details i have. and in /data08/filestore/tldlog/qb/in folder i have files whenevr filePoolin sees a file then it send to the Service. File is XML file

Thanks,All the settings seems to be fine.

What is the processQbTldLogReq service input datatype that receives the xml doc?If you put the .xml files in that mentioned directory the service input should be object “node”.

Remember that configured directory should be accessable by webMethods server,i mean network sharing.

I tested the same here with your settings,my service running fine and getTransportInfo provides the details of OriginalFilename.


Dear RMG.,
but in my case im getting error:

[16-Jul-2004 02:35:24]
Error executing processQbTldLogReq service.[ISC.0064.9001] Could not connect to ftp server: A remote host refused an attempted connect operation.
even i put debugLog top of the Service but im not getting that messages on Server. what could be the reason.?

Tell me are using filepolling port mechanism or FTPing via client to the processQbTldLogReq flowservice?

hi RMG.,
im using filePooling. protocol is filePooling. it(FilePooling) takes the file in that folder and passes to the Service there we will call pub:ftp(Service) to deliver(publish) to broker.

i am not getting the route cause of the problem.
M Kartheek

As per the exception above the pub.client:ftp service is throwing connection exception to remote host that you are logging to.

But why you are using ftp service inside the processing service?

Try this way once you got the xml data using filepolling port to the processing service extract the data and use the publish service to deliver to Broker.

This is the flow steps in the processQbTldLogReq service:
Once you have the xml “node” object

pub.publish:publish (Broker)


Dear RMG.,
now its working fine…thank you. i used originalfilename which gives actual path for me.this filename and originalfilename are giving including the path also.
thank you RMG.
M Kartheek

Glad it worked…
yeh i mentioned you above that extract it from “transport/filePolling/filename”.


Dear RMG,

I am stuck in this, I wanted to know how to read that file which is send by “transport/filePolling/filename”, I stuck here.
My file pooler will read the XML file and I want to process further, can you please help me to read the content the file.


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