How can we geenrate excel file?

My Problem is, We need to generate an excel file whose columns are dynamic which is depend on the field template name. Using template name we are fetching data which will become the column of the excel sheet, and one template can generate around 150- 250 columns of the excel sheet . Out of 150-250 columns we need to populate values of around 10 columns rest of the columns of the excel sheet would be blank.

For Example :- Let say for a Template name, we are fetching 10 columns from database [Employee Name, Employee iD, C, Street Name, City, Zip, G, H, I and J] and we need to populate only some of the field like Employee Name Employee ID, StreetNM, City and Zip rest other columns are Blank.

EmployeeName Employee ID C StreetNM City Zip G H I J
A 101 XX YY 1234
B 102 XXC YU 234

If you the solution of this problem please provide me the Step by process to achieve it using Webmethods 7.1.2.

The only way I can think of is to use a Java API capable of creating the Excel files. Such an API is the Apache POI (Apache POI - the Java API for Microsoft Documents).

Try Aspose Cells for java, see if that can help


I have downloaded the POI zip. How do I install it on the IS?

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