How can we check the channel from hub to MQ queue

How can we check the channel from hub to MQ queue.

I can see listners are active in the TST but still business is facing some issues in sending the messages. messages are hanged up in the queue.

What is the hub here?

In WebSphere MQ Series, channels will be created through which we can communicate with the mq queues for put/get messages. You can also try with SYSTEM.ADMIN.SVRCONN default channel…

What is the issue? Do you happen to see messages in queue, and it is not picked up by webMethods even through Listeners are active? Did you configure Listener notification, and have it enabled? Use transactional mq connection so that the data is not lost.

In mq queue, check the property ‘get inhibit’. If it is set to true, message cannot be pulled by other app connecting to it.



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