How can we Capture the user id for any change in flow service

If some user with Administrator access locks a flow service, makes some changes and unlocks the service, is it possible to capture the user information of the person?

Not possible as it does’t log maintained/captured…for the ns/nodes(wm.server.ns) after unlock status…you are looking for good req though!

There is a sample package on Advantage (and probably on the SAG pages) named WmSecAudit. It can be used to log a variety of actions, including creating/deleting users, modifying ACL assignments, etc. According to the documentation it is able to log when someone modifies a service.

The package was designed for 6.1 but may still work on later versions. Might be worth a look.

Here is the direct link from Advantage to access that package in case:


Thanks RMG, Remon,
Its pretty useful info.