Locking and Unlocking a Flow service

Hi All,
This is really challenging. I want to keep track of which all flow/Java services are locked, by which user. So my question is where does the Integration Server keeps information about the locked services, which Flow/Java service is called when we lock or unlock a Flow/Java service.Please help me on this.


To view all locked services, click on the Management link under the Packages heading in Administrator. Then click the View Locked Elements link.

I do not know for sure where the lock information is stored, nor which services are used to lock and unlock services. Do you need something beyond what you can view within Administrator?

There is a service in WmRoot package “WmRoot/wm.server.ns:getLockedNodesForAllUsers”
which I believe provides all the information you need to accomplish your goal. You can always create a utility service using this WmRoot service to fulfill specific requirements.

Thanks , Reamon.
I think you got me wrong or i wasnt clear enough. I will try to put some more light on this. What my project needs is to keep track of the services locked by the user. So whenever a user locks a service , my utility service will log data such as User ID, Service name , date and time into the database for tracking.


Thanks Tallah,
I will look into it and will get back to you.

Assalam Tallah,
I am not able to find the service you have mentioned , can you please help me on it.


you can set the following setting to the extended settings and restart the IS:

The WmRoot package should be visible in Developer after restart.

Please use WmRoot services with extreme caution!

They are NOT documented, NOT supported and may NOT exist in a future release. Also webMethods wont offer technical support if you face any problem with these services.

If at all possible, you should use existing, documented, public services which you can find in pub folders in the various Wm packages.

When you said couldn’t find the service, I believe you meant you can’t see the whole package and not just the service. If that is the case then put the property in extended setting as Jiten mentioned.

Note : You don’t have to restart the server, just refresh the developer and you will see the package.

10 years on in v9.10, how do I view all items locked in a package? I can’t seem to find anything.

Ok there is a way via the Browser:

Integration server admin page → packages–>management–>view locked elements.

The above-mentioned comments hold good. You can either use Browser or use the service “wm.server.ns:getLockedNodesForAllUsers” if you want to do some operation with the data.

Be careful when using the service of WmRoot. Improper use of these services could result in a corrupted server.

Syed Faraz Ahmed