How can we able to convert from oracleDB to IBMDB2

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I have allready posted the solution of oracle 9i and IBMDB2 in my privious threats.I am here with my new query now my problem is how can we convert one database to other Db for Example oracle9i to IBM DB2 8.2 or vice versa. If any expert or master mind of webMethods is here so pls think that and provide the solution.

Any help will be appreciated.


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Can you be more specific with your problem description? Do you mean pass data from an Oracle DB to DB2? Or do you mean convert a bunch of data from Oracle to DB2?

The question is very little i just want to create(copy) a table from one type of DB to other type of DB using wM developer.
for example a table named “invoice” is exist in oracle and i want to create this same table “invoice” into other DB like DB2 or some other using wM developer.

I don’t believe this is a good use of webMethods tools. There are numerous DBA-oriented tool sets that would be better able to migrate tables from one DBMS vendor to another.

That said, by using the JDBC adapter a combination of select and dynamic adapter services you could query the catalog of database 1 to obtain the structure of the table in question, generate the appropriate DDL for database 2 and then execute that DDL to create the table. Migrating the data is more straightforward involving a combination of query and insert or update statements.

Did I mention that I don’t recommend using IS for this type of operation?