How can I “import” a Local that was created in mainframe to Natural One.

Actually we are evaluating Natural One via a try version, but your Natural objects were developed with mainframe.

How can I “import” a Local that was created in mainframe to Natural One.

I have tried to use a list of Locals obtained from mainframe, but Natural One didn’t like his tagged format.

Please help me.


If you have no possibility to open natural objects from view “Natural server” of NaturalONE with the try version, you have the possibility to use USR4201N user exit from SYSEXT library to convert internal data structure.

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Hi Bernard, first of all, thanks for your help. How can I run USR4201N? Is it necessary to set up something in Natural One?

Sorry, but I am totally new to this matter.



I will just explain you how you can Import one local data from mainframe to NaturalONE. If you have many locals to import, of course, you have to adapt these simple steps in batch mode.

On mainframe, logon to SYSEXT library.
Then, execute USR4201P program and complete the following data:

Process Data Area Sources:

Function (R/W) … R
Format (D/L) … D
Data Area Name … your local name
Library … your library name
DBID … 0_____
FNR … 0_____
Adabas Password … ________
Adabas Cipher Code … ________
Natural Object Type … L
Write-Error Mode … E
DBID of FSEC … 0_____
FNR of FSEC … 0_____
Password of FSEC … ________
Cipher Code of FSEC … 0________

Then data structure is generated in your work area.

Enter ‘Edit’ command.
Select the generated code and then copy/past into NaturalONE.

I hope this will help you to test NaturalONE.

Best regards … and Good luck to the Brazilian team and ALLEZ LA FRANCE :stuck_out_tongue: