How can I do FLWR in Tamino Java API?


I am trying to do FLWR queries using Tamino Java API, but was not successful. Is it possible at all? If it is, can someone kindly let me know how? Thanks a ton!

Jazz :smiley:

The Tamino API for Java does not yet support FLWR expressions because Tamino does not yet support XQuery in the Tamino Server. This is all coming in the next version of Tamino (v4).

Thank you very much, Stuart, although now I know that I am working on something that cannot be doneโ€ฆ

One other question: I have been using QuiP too, and I have my Tamino database all set up, like using structure indexes and standard indexes, but the response time from the server is horrible, over 5 minutes for a simple query like //eNest[@aFour=4]/@aUnique1, where aFour and aUnique1 are both indexed, and the raw XML document is only about 50MB. Have you encountered any problems like this? And if so, how did you solve it?

Thanks again!


hi jazz,

i am not sure that you are going to be happy with documents sized 50mb. simply consider the amount of time it takes to xfer that amount of data via a network or to process it afterwards. DOM would appear prohibitive.

i would try to revise your schema so that your docuements end up more being 500k than 50MB.

best regards,
andreas f.

Thanks for the advice, Andreas, while my problem is that I have just one element that is nested within itself for about 15 levels and it is mandatory that I use that size of raw data. :frowning: Any other ideas?