how can i define a multipath index

Hi all,
is the content of tsd:multiPath just a name? Should i define any XPath expression in physical properites ?

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Hi Chacha,

the content of tsd:multiPath is necessary to bundle multiple parts of a multipath index together.
When, for example, defining a multipath index on different occurrences of an element named that is defined locally both below and , a respective tsd:multiPath element is inserted twice and the fact that these are part of the same multipart index is conveyed by using the same content.
If a multipath index is represented by only one tsd:multiPath element, as only makes sense for a globally defined element, the content s just a name.

Defining an XPath expression with a multipath index also only makes sense in a gobally defined element. Such a path is provided as the content of a tsd:which element to determine that the physical specification for the enclosing element only pertains, if the actual element is reached by a certain paths.

For more information on multipath indexes pertain to the Tamino XML Schema Reference Guide (tsd:multiPath, tsd:which) or to the Performance Guide: Advanced Indexes.