How can I configure a connection without fat client installe

Hello there,
I am using JDE one world XE and I connect it with webMethods. I am able to do this thing with the fat client installed on my machine but now I want to do the same thing when the fat client in not installed on my machine.
If any one know this thing then plz help.

Sorry, I don’t understand the question.

You are using the JDE Fat Client?
What calls webMethods (I assume the Integration Server?)?
What do you mean by ‘connect’? Do you want to kick off a transaction? Perform an administration or configuration operation? See some statistics?

Services on Integration Server can be invoked in many different ways - with fat or thin clients, I’m just not clear what you want to do.


Hi Fred,
Thanks for your reply…
The thing which I want to do is I want to use webMethods in such a way that there is no need to install the FAT client of JD Edwards One Wold XE(Installation on the local machine) and I can directly access the Tables from the server installation of the same…
So I would like to know that is there any JAVA component available which will help me to perform the above mentioned process…
hope that now I have made my point clear to you…


I’m afraid I don’t know the operations done in the JDE Fat Client. Your subject mentions “configure a connection”, which I would guess is a JDE API the JDE Fat Client calls.

Since the JDE Adapter can call JDE APIs, I would think that most operations the JDE Fat Client does, can be done with IS Services that call those APIs. If this is the case, then a Browser UI can be written using DSPs or JSPs, which call those IS services, and deployed on IS, so you can perform JDE operations without the Fat Client installed.

If you want to directly access the JDE RDBMS tables, you could use the JDBC Adapter. I would think that you would want to do reporting-type queries and not RDBMS updates on raw tables. This could be done by creating various SELECT services that calling those services from a DSP or JSP. Or you can create a service that does a controlled UPDATE, such as configuring a connection assuming you really know those tables and your JDE license allows direct modification.

Sorry, I can’t be more help.