How Broker and Trading network are internally connected with Intergration Server.


Can anyone please help me.
I want to know that how Broker and Trading network are internally connected with Integration Server.


Bijendra R.

I suggest you read the Trading Networks concepts documentation and the Publish-Subscribe Developer’s Guide. Please feel free to post any specific follow-up questions.


There is a delay in getting back MDN (posted asynchronously). Is there any tweak in TN that can be done to speed up?
MDN is sent asynchronously back to the partner at the wm.EDIINT.rules:processMsg step

This is for Version 6.1/6.5

I’'m confused. First you state “a delay in getting back MDN” implying that someone is sending you an MDN. Then you state “MDN is sent asynchronously” implying that you’re sending the MDN.

Which is the case? Where exactly is the delay being observed? Since you originally asked about Broker, how is it involved in the process (if at all)?

Which version of IS/TN is it, 6.1 or 6.5? It makes a difference.

Oops!! by mistake pasted it in here. Sorry for the confusion.

There is a delay in sending the MDN to TP. It take about 40 seconds and at times more than a minute to send the MDN. We are using version 6.1 as of now and will be shifting to version 6.5.