How are you using WebMethods for EDI

The 512 bytes per line limitation is a result of having your Sterling mailslot configured for “Non-Streamed” mode. This is Sterling’s default configuration.

In “Streamed” mode, you would not include any CRLF’s in the data at all. If downloading, you will not receive CRLF’s in the data from Sterling. The EDI data isn’t easily viewed in notepad, but it’s more efficient.

You can ask Sterling to change the mailbox configuration on a permanent basis, or change the mode dynamically with the following command:

Set to streamed mode: quote “SITE ASCII_RECSEP=NONE”
Set to nonstreamed mode: quote “SITE_ASCII_RECSEP=CRLF”
Return the current value of ASCII_RECSEP: quote “SITE ASCII_RECSEP”

Thanks!!! we will experiment with that


Thanks mark for valuable suggestion.This definetely helps.