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How to change Hostname,

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can you precise your question:

  • which component
  • which version

Any business case what this is needed for?


Are you talking about http://localhost:5555/ ???

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Plz go through the below article which might be useful to you.|issue&SessionID=948359143


yes ineed to chnge localhot to another name



If IP is given during installation then it will not depend on the hostname of the machine.
So changing the hostname of the machine will not impact the webMethods products.

However, there is a need to check for below if intend to change server name

  • IS > Packages > Management > WmMonitor, WmTaskClient (Click on the home button)
  • [ \SoftwareAG_v18\profiles\IS\configuration\wrapper.conf ]

If use Broker, check

  • [ \IntegrationServer\config\Dispatch.cnf ]

If the DB reside in the same machine, may also want to check

  • [ \MWS\server\default\config\mws.db.xml ]
  • [ \common\db\conf\dbConfig-default.xml ]
  • [ \IntegrationServer\config\jdbc\pool* ]

If use tangosol, please check

  • [ \IntegrationServer\config\Caching]tangosol-coherence-override.xml ]

Changing server name after install is not a supported method by SAG. This method is not supported by SAG in the event of problem occur, in which we are not able to advice what issue will be foresee too.

Hence it is not recommend, and it is advisable to reinstall another copy to the machine for a new server name.

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