home page not accessible?

There is normally a button when you login in as Administrator that is at the near top left. It has 3 options of ‘Home’, ‘Administration’, ‘Monitoring’

I granted rights so where I have the button allowed to everyone groups but tied down specific roles. I get ‘Administration’, ‘Monitoring’ but I am missing the hope option when logged in as a normal user(this authenticates through LDAP). What do I need to change to enable the home option? Is it a security setting that need to allow everyone to see?

  • update - I found the page that does this and it is webm.apps.data.page.start
    and when I associate ‘Everyone’ through permissions in My webMethods Users - it doesn’t let normal login still see it. By virtue of being able to login to webmethods aren’t they part of the ‘Everyone’ group?


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