Hitting result limit on pub.client.ldap:search

I’m trying to use pub.client.ldap:search against an Active Directory server. I’ve found that if my search results ever have more than 1000 entries, the results I get back are cut off at 1000 records and I get an extra pipeline variable called “message” that says “Search partially failed! Server side result limit exceeded - only 1000 entries returned”.

Experimentation has shown that if I set the countLimit to a value lower than 1000, I get the same message with that number (for example, if countLimit = 500, I get 500 results and the message “Search partially failed! Server side result limit exceeded - only 500 entries returned”

However, leaving countLimit blank or setting it to a value greater than 1000 only results in 1000 records being returned.

Running the same search using an LDAP browser doesn’t hit this limit. Is there something in the webMethods service that’s causing this?

I am also facing similar issue. did you get any solution of this?