High Availability with VMware vMotion

We currently have an environment where we ensure high availability of the Broker via MS Clustering (Active/Passive set up). Servers are virtual.

We are now migrating to a new data centre where the standard for high availability is done using VMwares vMotion and they ask if this can be used instead of the MS Clustering.

We will conduct our own investigation, but I am curious if anyone have any experience with this? I have at least not seen this referenced in any documentation so far.

We’ve been running our non-production brokers on VMWare with vmotion for a while now and it works well for handling hardware and system level problems. I don’t think it can do anything to monitor the broker processes, but awbrokermon and Optimize for infrastructure cover that for us. We plan to cut our production brokers over to VMWare eventually(from Solaris with Veritas Clusterinng) after we work out one lingering broker 8.0 issue with support.