Hierarchical queries


is it possible to do hierarchical queries in Tamino?

More precisely: Suggest, that I have a set of XML documents with an attribute @id. These documents are linked together with an attribute @parent. Now, given a root id, I would like to retrieve the root node and all its childs with as few queries as possible.

If that helps: It might be possible to limit the trees depth.




I’m not sure if I really understand your question. For me it seems that you want to retrieve an element with a certain attribute value and all elements referencing this element via a second attribute.
This can be done by a query similar to this one:

for $a in input()/my-doctye
where $a/@id=“mySearchValue”


But I doubt that this query is doing what you really want. Because you are mentioning hierarchical queries and the one I have suggested is just a simply nested query. Could you please give some more explanation?

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