Hi When to write Flow service and when to write Java service?

Hi All,

I want to know in which circumstances or where do we need to write java services instead of Flow services?
Please calrify my doubt with an example


Hi Datta,

We go for java services if there is no buit in srvice available to implement our business logic.

for eg: If you want to a string into file, there is no built in service for this then we write a java service.

It is better to prefer built in service if it is available.


Hi Datta,

I recommend you to try to develop everything in flow language, as you need to deliver your solution ASAP.

As Jab said, if there is any built in service available for a particular functionality, you can go for a custom java code.

After finish the development, I usually do a performance test and try to identify what are the bottlenecks. Usually some services performance can be increased by replacing the flow service by a java code.

Another point that you must keep in mind is that flow services are easier to maintain than java codes.



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