Help with mapping parents and child

I am working with SAP Business Connector. I am trying to do, what I think, should be a simple mapping.
I’ve tried to simplify this example. I basically have a SOURCE record list that looks like the following:

SOURCE (record list)

  • ORDERID (string)
  • TYPE (string)
  • LINE_ITEM (record list)
  • SKU (string)
  • DESC (string)

And a TARGET record list that is nearly identical except is does not have all of the same fields.

TARGET (record list)

  • ORDERID (string)
  • LINE_ITEM (record list)
  • SKU (string)

I just want to map the multiple records of SOURCE into multiple records in TARGET. I thought I would try mapping field by field. I can map SOURCE-ORDERID to TARGET-ORDERID fine. But when I attempt to map SOURCE-LINE_ITEM-SKU to TARGET-LINE_ITEM-SKU, I receive the following message.

[B2BCORE.0049.9019] More than one copy into the path with different common parent(s).

Any help would be appreciated.

Loop over SOURCE to create TARGET. Within each SOURCE record, to loop over SOURCE/LINE_ITEM.

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate the help as I am a beginner outside the SAP world.

I had gone that route, but was having trouble appending using
appendToRecordList. I thought I only had to pass in the fromItem. I finally figured out that I had to also pass in the toList each time.

Thanks again for your help.