Help with JMS trigger - restarting

Hi, we are on IS server version 9.12 linux

Sometimes we see that documents are stuck in the jms queue and the only way to get them flowing again is to not only enable the suspended trigger, but also go into Designer and manually turn Enabled property from “True” to “False”, then turn back to “True” again. Either that or restarting the entire IS is necessary to make the data start flowing out of the queue.

We have to do this as the resource monitoring that has been working for years, for some reason is having issues with this IS version.

I’m sure there’s probably some WM fix out there that can hopefully take care of this overall problem, but it will take some time to get that implemented, considering that we have a long freeze coming up due to the holidays.

Curious if anyone has any ideas on what I would need to look at in order to do the (current manual) Designer jms trigger changing of Enabled property to false, then turn to true programmatically like via a flow service. I’m thinking this will temporarily help us and buy us some time until we can hopefully get in a true fix. Constantly restarting the IS server is not an option.

Any other idea will also be appreciated.